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USA – Detroit

Well, well, well time is flying! I went to Detroit this June. It was a very short trip. 3.5 days in the US. In Detroit itself I just had something like one day. But what I saw impressed me a lot. I expected nothing, but was fascinated by the atmosphere in town. It was kind of a mix between a relaxed and dangerous atmosphere, topped by incredible friendly people. For example on my last day, I tried to find the public transport bus to the airport. I walked with my trolley through town and on a red traffic light an old lady in her car stopped me and asked what I´am doing. She opened the car door and drove me to the right bus station. Amazing! She made my smile. Also a big thanks to Michel from Detroit Hostel, who helped me a lot. And special thanks to Mario, without him getting married to his lovely fiancée Andrea, I would have never done this journey ;p Thanks for all the ride´s and Detroit tips you gave me. A great time I also had with Cindy, Mike and John. Thank´s for being my guides and driving me around and introducing your parents and parents-house to me. When I think on this little journey I have a big, big smile on my face. Travelling makes me happiest and sometimes it is right to make crazy, little, illogical journeys.

Cindy & Mike at their parents sweet home

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